Aurora Rose

Aurora is a typical teenage girl…sort of. She would love to go to the mall, would love to spend her time talking on the phone and texting her friends. She would love to go on dates and worry her father with the advances of teenage boys. She would love to do all that. She can’t. She has a job, but not the run of the mill kind of after school gig. Aurora masquerades as a babysitter. Not in some shady way, but as cover, in her never-ending quest to fight the forces of darkness. Born with a mythical birthmark, Aurora is one of only a few people who can stand in the way of darkness taking over the light…

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Created by William Wilson and Jason Stevens, drawn by Taylor Bills, cover art by Tone Rodriguez.


Game Boys

High school was a time a lot of us would probably like to forget. With one real friend and a local celebrity for an older brother, Blake Martin is content fading into the darkness, being left alone, and occupying his time with the hottest video game of the moment. When he’s chased into an eclectic shop by three of the school’s bullies, the shopkeeper gives Blake something very special: a new game console. One guaranteed to change Blake’s life. It does exactly that. The video game becomes real. As digital bad guys of every type begin climbing out of his television set, the kid who would rather hide in the face of danger has to step up, and put himself in a perilous situation. The system links up with every TV set in town, and creates hordes of digitized monsters that only Blake can kill. Together with his older brother Colin, Blake’s best friend Ricky Bravo, and Jessica Jensen, the girl Blake has a crush on, he has to save the town before the monsters take over and it’s game over for these Game Boys.

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Created by Neil Herndon and William Wilson, written by Neil Herndon, art by Eric Moore, colors by Miranda Leiggi



Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or in this case, cold and calculated. The Wicked Witch of the West has been planning her revenge for a while, building her forces up and gaining strength. When she finally does exact her vengeance on the young girl from Kansas who threw water on her, the Witch finds out time has not been kind. Dorothy is long gone. In her place is her great-granddaughter, D. In the Witch’s eyes, a Gale is a Gale, and someone is going to pay. That means young Dorothea. The hard-headed, truck driving, tomboy is bored with her life in Kansas, and would drop a house on somebody if it would make time go faster. Exactly the type of person the Wicked Witch can make an example out of.

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Created by Jason Stevens, William Wilson, Lesley Vamos. Written by Jason Stevens and William Wilson, art by Lesley Vamos


Big Bad Wolf

Peter and Abby Cole. A brother. His sister. Bounty hunters.

Inflicted with a bloodline curse that is slowly turning him into a monster, Peter must find and kill the only person with the key to his salvation, a person known only as The Old Man…a man…who can seemingly vanish with the wind.

It won’t be easy.

Blackmailed into aiding the FBI, Peter and Abby now roam the back roads of America, solving the unsolvable and destroying all manners of evil wherever it may hide. But the clock is slowly winding down on Peter Cole. Time is running out. If he cannot find and kill The Old Man, if he cannot change his fate…Peter Cole will become…The Big Bad Wolf.

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Created by Shane West, William Wilson, Jason Stevens, and Jean-Paul Deshong, written by Jason Steven, Shane West, William Wilson, art by Jean-Paul Deshong



A dirty cop named Brick Thomas has been robbed of all of his money, and the only way to get it back is to listen the thief that took it and "kill" a certain person. However when he finds out that the thief is the son of a suicide victim from another case seeking revenge, Brick has to change the game up a bit to stay alive.

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Created, written, and illustrated by Jey Odin


The Diplomat

On a serene, picturesque morning in the South Pacific, an unidentified aircraft flies over the massive aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Grant. Moments later, the ocean’s gaping maw opens in a merciless display. The carrier is decimated, taken down to the depths. The resulting tidal wave washes ashore in Oahu. As the sailors at the naval base try to clean up the mess, North Korean officials are assassinated, one after the other. The nation immediately points a finger at their southern neighbor. Both militaries ramp up, ready to start a war. Enter the “Diplomat.” Cain Olsen works in the shadows. His job is to negotiate impossible deals at any cost. To keep the peace, Olsen is sent to China to bridge the impasse on the Korean Peninsula. But when he is framed for the deaths of the foreign dignitaries, he winds up the focus of an international manhunt. The only way to clear his name becomes the only way to avoid a nuclear holocaust: uncover the truth. The truth behind the North Korean slayings….and about the super weapon poised to bring the United States to its knees.

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Created by Neil Thompson and William Wilson, written by Neil Thompson, covers by Eric Henson, art by Claudio Sepulveda



Unmasked tells the story of a young journalist, Paige Cruise, who is on a mission to unmask rogues superheroes. Super villains have ruled the world for the past ten years after they wiped the 20th Century Heroes off the face of the earth. After the "Decade from Hell", a new group of heroes has emerged calling themselves the New Age Heroes and they're led by a "legacy", Dagger II. At first Paige is ecstatic that the heroes have returned, but as events unfold, it's horrifyingly clear, these heroes are just as bad as the super villains. To make matters worse, several of them are legacies as they've adopted the mantle of many of the original 20th Century Heroes. Paige, who has the solid belief that "Heroes Don't Kill" chases after the New Age Heroes in an attempt to unmask them and reveal their true identities to the world. In doing so, she feels she can rob them of their power, mystery and eventually learn the reasons why they are wearing the masks. Paige is aided by the reformed super villain Eric Ziest and her rookie partner Scott Davidson. Together they navigate a chaotic world riddled with secrets and superpowers and they won't stop until everyone is UNMASKED.

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Created and written by Michael Sarrao, art by John Broglia, cover colors by Yuan Cakra, cover inks by Mark McKenna


Rag Tag

Sister and brother duo of Jess and Max Gibson are out on the mean streets taking care of crime. Max is the brains of the operation and Jess is the brawn. He's a genius and she's a super-powered hero. Along with Sophie Moore, who is an old friend of Jess' and an old flame of Max's, the trio search for two-bit villains who spend their time terrorizing small, mid-west towns. They're hoping to be ready for Los Angeles, where the hero and villain game is big business. Only they don't realize that there is something dark looming over Jess' journey.

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Created by William Wilson, Jason Stevens, and Rashad Doucet, drawn by Rashad Doucet and Tara Carrigan.


The Soul-ution

In a story that touches on determination and perseverance, Rapper T-Shyne and writer William Wilson tell of a samurai who must defeat a masked villain, an Oni-like figure responsible for the death of his father. Artist Jean-Paul Deshong brings the story to life in crisp and beautiful detail.

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Written by T-Shyne and William Wilson
Art by Jean Paul Deshong


Digger Jones

The famed Scientist-Photographer-Body Builder Digger Jones and his faithful companion Lucy the She-Ape, are on the run again! One miss-adventure to another, they continue the search for the elusive forward-walking crab (to add to Digger’s amazing research collection!) From Man-Eating Plants to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Snow Beasts to TigerMen Cannibals in the deep in the hidden forests of Bora Bora…Join us in a conversation with the elder Digger with a Martini in hand, (in between his sudden naps!) as he reveals for the first time, his amazing tall astonishing tales of late 19th century! The man…the myth and the questionable legend… He is DIGGER JONES, Adventurer of the Lost Worlds!

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art and story by Mach Yeager


Something Beautiful

Happy Mother's day from everyone at Arch Enemy. In a collection of short stories, kicked off by Producer of 'Maleficent' and 'Step Up' Matt Smith, members of Arch Enemy send their best wishes to their mothers.

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Cover by Mike Feehan Written by Matt Smith, Tom Bolding, Mach Yeager Jean Paul Deshong Art by Mike Feehan, Mach Yeager and Jean Paul Deshong


Love Letters

Percy Carey, Neil Herndon, Jason Stevens, and William Wilson compose love letters to the women in their lives to kick off Valentine's Day. Each story is brought to life in a unique way to capture the feel by artists Mike Feehan and Jean-Paul Deshong.

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written by Percy Carey, Neil Herndon, Jason Stevens, William Wilson
Art by Jean-Paul Deshong and Mike Feehan


A Christmas for Mary

Writer Amanda Domenech tells a personal story for Christmas about a young girl who wants her father to come home from being deployed overseas. When she helps a homeless man out of the goodness of her heart, the spirit of Christmas sees fit to grant her wish and the family is whole once more. Artist Jean-Paul Deshong brings a classic Christmas feel to the story, using art reminiscent of black and white films.

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Written by Amanda Domenech
Art by Jean-Paul Deshong


F-00 Fighters

In the early morning hours of December 7, 1941, the United States of America was attacked without warning, provocation or cause. The attackers effectively crippled the American armed forces and nearly forced a complete surrender. On December 8, 1941, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, declared war against the invading forces. On December 9, 1941, Executive Order 060412 was authorized by the President. The Pentagon implemented the order and created the nation's first line of defense against the threat. The story of the brave men who took to the skies to protect not only the nation, but the world, can finally be told. This is that story.

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Created by William Wilson and Jason Stevens, drawn by Jason Reeves, colored by Luis Guerrero, and lettered by Taylor Bills.




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Everything thinks they know what happens in Area 51. Frankie Swift does know. He and his father live on the base. While his father works long hours, Frankie lets his imagination run wild. He’s perfectly happy to explore the desert or create a new invention in his garage, until he blew the fuses. In a search for a portable generator, he stumbled upon an old building that was marked restricted. It bore the name Archangel, an old, abandoned project. However, what Frankie found inside wasn't an old plane, but the remains of a project inspired by something that fell in the New Mexico desert when his grandfather was still a young man. What he found was a massive robot, designed by someone beyond, and built by American hands. The project had been shelved after the military couldn't gain access. Though, with a single touch, Young Frankie Swift found himself sitting in the heart of the robot. A message from his grandfather explained everything. Save the planet. Someone is coming.

The Pirate King


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Based on the story by J.M. Barrie, The Pirate King is a re-telling of Peter Pan, with a most unique twist. In an age of sails and swashbucklers, a pirate known to the world as Captain Hook was considered the most dastardly of them all. He raided Spanish towns, French ships, and Dutch settlements. On one particular trip, he met a young boy named Peter who was in jail for piracy. Feeling a kindred spirit, Hook rescued the boy from his prison. The two became instant friends. Together, they shared hundreds of adventures. However, after years of sailing West Indies, the bright blue waters lost their appeal. The boys needed something more. That was when they stumbled upon an old man who seemed to know exactly what it was they were looking for. He sent them beyond the map, beyond imagination, to the Sea of the Never Islands. When they arrived, they found their new home in the grip of a tyrant. In order to save the island paradise, the pirate crew joined forces with the inhabitants, those desiring freedom. Neverland was to be their home. No one would stand in the way of that dream. Not a new enemy, nor an old one with a score to settle…



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Jack the Ripper wasn’t evil. History paints him as such because of the carnage left in his wake. However, if the populace knew exactly why he did what he did, they would praise his blade. Jack was a witch hunter. Evil women who wished to spread their darkness across the globe. Given power by Old Hob himself, a coven of witches used the tools they had been given by their creator in order to spread a new message. Everyone was happy to let them spread their malice, and infect the world. Only one wasn’t willing to let such vile things succeed. Jack. He stood in the way of evil spreading across Europe. He kept the darkness from getting a foothold in America. Just as Joan of Arc was told how to save France, he was told how to save the world. With a few…interesting friends protecting him, Jack’s work would echo through time. The world knows him as a man who killed prostitutes, while a select few knew the truth. Jack protected us all. At least for a moment…

Sweet Sixteen


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It all started with a car crash. At least, that's what Samantha Bazemore thought. While driving her 16th birthday present, heading for a party at her friend's house, she was sideswiped by a drunk driver. The other driver had to be cut out his car, losing one leg and shattering the other. When the jaws of life cut through Samantha's car, the rescue workers found her with barely a scratch. She shouldn't have survived at all. That was the day that her life changed forever. That was the day she realized she was a vampire. Dealing with high school as an outsider is hard enough, but being completely different than all the others students would test anyone. New rules, new requirements, and a new outlook on life can change everything. Samantha has to completely re-write how she functions, how she deals with the world. Not an easy task, if there ever was one. Of course, there is one added advantage. Her new life comes with new-found confidence, and a sense of freedom. It's confidence that lets her get close to her crush. Lets her be in the arms of someone she cares about. Someone who just happens to be the descendant of a famous vampire hunter…

Sticks and Stones


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Federal Agent Jack Stone must travel to a sleepy little place called Tazewell, Tennessee to bring a criminal to justice. However, once he arrives in his hometown, he discovers a much bigger threat. One that seeks to hurt his friends and family. It's a threat at the doorstep of every small town across the nation. The town should be something out of a painting, a place where people live the American Dream. Instead, its being poisoned by a plague. It’s being chocked to death by drugs, by a strong arm crew set on slowly killing the people to make a profit. It might be stupid to think that the problem will just go away overnight, but to Jack Stone, if he can save the place where his family lives…That might just be enough. Enough for him to sleep at night.



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In a world where Steampunk and high fantasy have come together, war is ravaging the land. The realms have stood on a knife blade, hoping something would be done. Yet none of the so-called “great kings” did anything to keep the darkness from swallowing the countryside. Despite the looming fear, the drums of war are not heard in every corner. In some villages, life moves at the pace it always has, slow and steady. The age of mechaniks is taking over. A few small groups still practice the magickal ways, but most have moved on. The old world was simply left behind. It is in these villages, not the grand towers or sprawling castles, that the sting of war is felt most of all. Places where the common folk break bread. It is here that a roguish bandit makes his home. An outlaw who will soon find himself answering a greater call than the price on his head. As more and more citizens are drafted for the army, this highwayman gathers a small band of like-minded souls in order to strike back at the heart of the enemy. Different races, different skills, and different ideals come together to destroy the threat once and for all. It’s everything or nothing, save the day or die trying. Saddest of all, these true heroes never have their names sung in praise even if they succeed. For it’s not about glory or medals or little bits of ribbon, it’s about survival. Seeing one more sunrise, and doing something good before the night closes in.

About Arch Enemy

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin

Arch Enemy Entertainment was formed with a single goal in mind. Delivering the highest quality product possible. Excellence is the highest priority. As a media company, we are not bound by genre or platform. We believe that a good story does not have to be bound to any one place. In the modern world where the digital platform is the new standard, no form is off limits.

Our creators are well versed in all forms of media and can deliver content no matter where they are in the world. The people under the Arch Enemy label span the globe, living not just in one market, but in all of them. We can deliver digital media anywhere in the world, and match it to specific markets. We have worked with every entertainment medium, from graphic novels to television, from feature films to novels, music, and distribution. The reality is Arch Enemy is not bound by any one label, except our own.

Whether it's revolutionizing digital platforming or creating a vast library of intellectual properties, Arch Enemy stands on the cutting edge for creating content in the digital market. We believe in giving the audience the highest quality product and the most in-depth experience. We take digital media a step further, offering extras and behind-the-scenes insights that allow our audience to truly be immersed in the product we create. When people purchase our work, we want that to mean something, no matter where it is. It's not just about sales; it's about giving our audiences something they haven't seen before.

Quality is number one. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than all the rest. Settling will not cut it. Our product is designed to be captivating and exciting. We want people coming back each week, or each month to see what happens next. At the end of the day, what happens is a whole new way of meeting the expectations of the populace. What happens is making sure we give people what they pay for.

We aren't the conventional. We aren't the standard. We don't' follow the pack. We aren't the good guys. We are Arch Enemy.


William Wilson headshot

William Wilson

From rural Tennessee to the bright lights of Los Angeles, William Wilson has come a long way. The journey began in the summer of 1999.

With only a pickup truck (which he still owns) and a few dollars to his name, William, along with a few friends, made their way westward to California. After only a few months, William landed an internship with George Clooney's production company and quickly learned the ropes of the entertainment business. Not long after, he was introduced to two of the biggest names in movies, John Carpenter and the late Debra Hill. This relationship led to work on a third installment of the Snake Plissken series, which in turn led to his first major comic book gig, writing for G.I. Joe: Frontline. Armed with an acute business savvy, William formed his company, Arch Enemy Entertainment. From there the projects fell into place and found work with clients like Vin di Bona Productions and Transformers movie star, Tyrese Gibson. The project done with Vin di Bona was featured in Variety and Tyrese Gibson's project, the Image comic, "MAYHEM!," was the first to be published on the iTunes LP. Now, William has added one more goal to his list. He continually works to pay forward his past success by looking for and giving a voice to all of the up and coming artists within his fields.

Neil Herndon headshot

Neil Herndon

Neil Herndon was destined to be a writer. From an early age, his passion was telling stories and putting word to page. He won the Illinois Young Authors competition several times, attending both state and county conferences. He was published in a young authors' poetry book before he entered his teens. At both Butler University and Columbia College-Hollywood, his focus was writing, a topic that he excelled at. He earned top marks in every class taken on the subject, soon gaining the admiration of his teachers and peers alike. Neil's major strength that set him apart from most others is how to write fantastic characters and craft a brilliant story, how to make it come to life on the page and captivate audiences. With each story he tells, Neil's writing ability only improves, both in quality and in creativity. He constantly pushes himself to be the best, prides himself on being able to tell a story in any genre, and making each one exciting and engaging. Not only does he produce high quality work, but he can do it quickly, sacrificing neither quality nor quantity. His speed allows him to conceive and finish a project in a very short time, shorter than most others. Neil has added another medium to his repertoire, the literary world, where his slate of novels is already growing. His belief that no story, no genre, and no audience is off-limits allows him to be a chameleon, writing for adults, young adults, and children alike. Neil always held on to a simple goal: to tell great stories. That goal has motivated everything he does, and drives him towards greatness. Neil has been spinning tales since he was very young, and now stands to enter the next generation of authors and storytellers, and he's only scratched the surface of possibility.

Thomas Bolding

Thomas Bolding
Vice President

Thomas Bolding’s hard working mentality and dedication to writing led him into the entertainment industry. He won multiple awards as a high school senior in the St. Clair Poetry contest and continued writing throughout his collegiate career at SIUE, producing short stories, poems, and novellas. Hints of Alan Moore, Stephen King, and Anne Rice inspire his writing. He mixes these influences into a blend of genres, from adventure to science fiction, fantasy, superhero, thriller, mystery, and even supernatural. Three dimensional, realistic characters and impactful story telling are of the utmost importance to Tom. To him, every story is a fresh challenge and he always pushes himself to produce high quality work. At USA Today, Tom, co-created the first mother’s day comic book in collaboration with Matt Smith, the executive producer of “Step Up Revolution.” He is currently finalizing his first novel, which will be paired with a comic book prequel.

Chet Yeary II

Chet Yeary II
Chief Digital Officer

With a vast career spanning 20 years, Chet Yeary has done it all. From being a creative director, to a graphic designer, to advertising, to designing brands and their content for the web, Chet has expertise in the digital realm miles beyond some of his contemporaries. His work has been seen on hit television series like ‘Numbers’ and ‘Dexter’, as well other great digital and retail brands in the Dallas area. Chet brings his unique and dynamic skillset to help make Arch Enemy Entertainment a global leader in the marketplace.

Antoinette Domenech

Antoinette Domenech

Antoinette Domenech has developed her ability to plan and create conventions and shows by working with Creation Entertainment. She works in the talent department as an associate producer where she endeavors to hone her skills. She is in charge of booking travel, scheduling, and paying the talent for their appearances. Toni is also in charge of event prepping and volunteer organization. She has been working for the company for only three years and already has successful booked more than 75 live events all throughout the United States & Canada. Toni completed her B.F.A. Degree in Fine Arts & Cinema with a Minor in Producing at Columbia College Hollywood (CCH). She was inducted to the Laurel Society with a 3.8 GPA, earning her Magna Cum-Laude honors. Throughout her time at CCH she achieved numerous successes producing her fellow student film projects.

Amanda Domenech

Amanda Domenech

Amanda Domenech moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a writer. Every day, Amanda strives to create content that showcase her talents in multiple genres.  Her love of dynamic characters pushes her creativity, and helps to keep her from being restricted to any one particular genre. From coming of age stories to high concept projects, her range is limitless. Amanda graduated with Honors at Columbia College Hollywood with a BFA is writing. Throughout her time in film school she created short films as a writer and editor, several of which have been showcased in numerous film festivals.  Above all else, Amanda loves doing one thing... telling a good story.  There are no boundaries as far as she concerned, stemming from her belief that limitation can only come from yourself.  Amanda breaks the mold as a female writer, not only making groundbreaking content, but by developing content that can cross multiple media forms.


At Arch Enemy, we are always looking for talented and motivated people. Sequential artists and concept artists are always needed for our long list of slated works. We are always looking for good colorists as well. Unfortunately, we are not looking for writers, letterers, or inkers at this time. We respect these talents but currently do not have need of them. For all of those interested in submitting their portfolio, please send it to:

Submissions for sequential artists should include five pages of sequentials and a splash page. Submissions for conceptual artists should include a finished five-point turnaround for a character, original renderings, and a rough design of that character to give a complete view of work. Submissions for colorists should include five pages of finished colored and the original black and white pages. All those wishing to submit should send these materials and contact information to:

Please note, any materials submitted should not be restricted under copyright law. Any work from other companies should bear such a notation. Those who would like to request sample pages from us may do so. Please request one of three genres: action, hero, suspense.

Anyone wishing to submit a completed comic work: submissions should consist of five pages from the work. We are unable to look at more for legal reasons.

Anyone wishing to submit a finished novel: submissions should include the first 30 pages of the manuscript. This should encapsulate the first chapter and part of the next, or the submission should be the entirety of chapter one of the manuscript if it is longer than 30 pages itself.

For any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

If you would like to receive our newsletter, please send your name and the e-mail address where you would like to have it sent.